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Jeremy and Kerry Got Married

July 8, 2012

Jeremy and Kerry got married in Portsmouth, RI (on my husband’s and my 12th wedding anniversary) and I had the honor of performing their ceremony.

In addition to many wonderful shared moments and lots of beautiful laughter as we got to know each other, they were the first couple to introduce me to the concept of the First Look.

(They were not the first couple I’ve worked with to enjoy this private, pre-wedding moment — and certainly not the last. But they were the first who named and explained it to me, which I greatly appreciated.)

They were also one of the many couples I’ve worked with that I didn’t want to say goodbye to at the end of our planning meetings, and with whom I often lingered chatting about life well beyond vows and readings.

But one of the things I will treasure most about working with this beautiful couple, is the way they touched my heart in a very special and significant way.

I will never forget the end of one of our cozy, coffee-shop meetings when Jeremy looked at me and said:

“Honestly, it almost doesn’t even matter what you say, Erin. We picked you because we want YOU there with us on our wedding day.”

His words marked a significant turning point for me, personally and professionally, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with this beautiful couple.

I am also very grateful that, with their permission, I get to share a little of their magical day with you.

(Can’t see the video link above? Click HERE to watch it on Vimeo.)


Location: Glen Manor House | Video song: A Million Years, Alexander Ebert

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You get to choose

Today I am sharing a peek into a recent wedding ceremony that I was blessed to perform . . .

* * * * *

Four months ago they lived on separate continents, not knowing the other existed. Two weeks ago, surrounded by family and close friends, they became husband and wife. Below are some of the words I shared at their ceremony.

* * * * *

Sometimes love arrives slowly and tentatively, steadily building and growing over time. Other times, it appears seemingly out of nowhere, like a spring rain — fast-arriving and most welcome.

How and when love finds us, is not for us to choose.

What matters most is that when it does arrive, we, who enter into sacred partnership, become the stewards of love’s gifts and blessings.

Today we give thanks and honor the forces of this beautiful Universe that allowed your paths to cross, your eyes to meet, and your hearts to know, without a doubt, to know.

We celebrate this moment, as you prepare to cross the threshold into marriage – your marriage – and remind you, that you get to choose, each and every day, how it feels in your home and in your hearts.

You get to choose with the words that you speak and the actions that you take, how you will steward the gifts and blessings of the love that brought you home to each other in a little City by the Sea.

May you be blessed with a lifetime of love.


Flowers by Robin Hollow Farm | Ceremony location: Rum Runner II

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wedded bliss

Oh do I love my job.

Thank you to Brianna and Rob, one of the lovely couples I worked with in September, for sharing this video.

I got to sit with Sam Lathrop, the videographer from Squared Away Cinema who created this beautiful video, at Brianna and Rob’s reception and am happy to say that he is as charming as he is talented.

Really. Such a nice guy.

And boy did he have me reaching for my tissues while watching this. Beautiful job, Sam.

Congratulations Brianna and Rob. It was an honor to share this day with you.

(If you can’t see the video here, click here.)

sunday still life :: rain (on your wedding day)

Sunday Still Life is an evolving photo project; an invitation to explore the beauty and depth of life through traditional still life composition and / or photos and words to evoke inner stillness and reflection. If you are inspired to join in, please leave a link in the comments.

Nobody plans for rain on their wedding day (and definitely not torrential downpours).

But sometimes that’s exactly what happens.

Sometimes an hour before your wedding ceremony is set to begin, a team of people is moving the lanterns that were supposed to line the path from the outdoor ceremony to the indoor reception, inside. And making a plan to turn the ceremony room into the reception room while guests mingle in an adjoining tent.

It may not be what was planned, but this is what it is all about.

For better or for worse.

In good times and in bad.

In sickness and in health.

In sunshine and in rain.


pssst…guess what?

I’ve been keeping a little secret from you all since last December.

(I know. Crazy, huh?)

A number of times I have started a blog post with the intention of sharing. But each time I have saved it in my drafts for a little later.

It all began a few years back, when I read this amazing book called The Artist’s Way. Actually I did much more than “read” it. I lived it with the support of a small group of inspiring women, led by my wonderful friend Julianna, over the course of several weeks. (I cannot say enough positive things about this experience. Totally life-changing!)

One of the exercises in the book is called “Five Lives” and we were each encouraged to write down five lives we would like to live if we could.

My list looked like this:

1. Writer / Author

2. Mama

3. Farmer

4. College Professor

5. Minister

I was already a mother when I wrote this. And a writer. (Though still not a published author — Yet!! I’m working on it!).

I got to try on the college professor role when I worked as an instructor at the University of Rhode Island two years ago and the Farmer part (or at least Marketing Director, who pitches in as a Farm Hand as needed) has been coming together quite nicely over the past year.

But Minister? Where does that fit into my life?

Over the last couple of years I have explored a number of options for attending seminary but none have been the right match for this stage in my life, where we are geographically, and what we can manage financially.

And yet the call to ministry continued.

And so one day last winter I contacted my dear friend Debbie Gleadow and proposed something to her.

If I did whatever online or mail-in method I needed to do to get a piece of paper that says I’m a minister, would she be willing to take me under her wing and teach me what I need to know?

Without hesitation she said, “Yes!”

And for the last several months that’s just what she has done, graciously answering my (many!!) questions and allowing me to sit in on meetings and attend ceremonies she’s officiated.

And…I am so delighted to share that this Saturday, wearing this beautiful stole that my mom made for me…

…I will be officiating my first wedding!


 Thank you to all the amazing people in my world who helped to make this dream a reality. I am so very blessed. And so very grateful.


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