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Oh do I love my job.

Thank you to Brianna and Rob, one of the lovely couples I worked with in September, for sharing this video.

I got to sit with Sam Lathrop, the videographer from Squared Away Cinema who created this beautiful video, at Brianna and Rob’s reception and am happy to say that he is as charming as he is talented.

Really. Such a nice guy.

And boy did he have me reaching for my tissues while watching this. Beautiful job, Sam.

Congratulations Brianna and Rob. It was an honor to share this day with you.

(If you can’t see the video here, click here.)

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  1. What a lovely video! I don’t know why, but the shot at the beginning, with all the empty chairs, just totally got to me. I have one question for you: How do you keep from crying when you are up there? I surely wouldn’t be able to keep it together!

    1. great question, rose.

      (that was one of the things that scared me the most when i first started doing wedding ceremonies.)

      i always get there early and i use some yoga grounding techniques to make sure that i am really good and centered before we begin, which helps a lot.

      and i think just knowing that it is my role to “hold space” for the couple and their ceremony helps me to stay a little bit more outside of all the emotion. (not sure if that makes sense?)

      there have definitely been times when i’ve gotten choked up during the ceremony (especially when the groom starts to cry) but usually it is after the ceremony when i am processing the experience and watching the couple celebrate with their guests that i really get hit with a big swell of emotion.


  2. Oh – I’m so glad to find this blog post, as I just watched the video (got the link from your weekly email). Crying! What an incredible set of vows…an incredible VIBRATION there was to that whole thing. Fabulous!!!

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