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Today I am sharing a peek into a recent wedding ceremony that I was blessed to perform . . .

* * * * *

Four months ago they lived on separate continents, not knowing the other existed. Two weeks ago, surrounded by family and close friends, they became husband and wife. Below are some of the words I shared at their ceremony.

* * * * *

Sometimes love arrives slowly and tentatively, steadily building and growing over time. Other times, it appears seemingly out of nowhere, like a spring rain — fast-arriving and most welcome.

How and when love finds us, is not for us to choose.

What matters most is that when it does arrive, we, who enter into sacred partnership, become the stewards of love’s gifts and blessings.

Today we give thanks and honor the forces of this beautiful Universe that allowed your paths to cross, your eyes to meet, and your hearts to know, without a doubt, to know.

We celebrate this moment, as you prepare to cross the threshold into marriage – your marriage – and remind you, that you get to choose, each and every day, how it feels in your home and in your hearts.

You get to choose with the words that you speak and the actions that you take, how you will steward the gifts and blessings of the love that brought you home to each other in a little City by the Sea.

May you be blessed with a lifetime of love.


Flowers by Robin Hollow Farm | Ceremony location: Rum Runner II

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    1. Thank you, Anna.

      I feel very lucky to be part of all of the wedding ceremonies I perform. It’s such a special thing to be able to get to know and support each couple.

  1. What beautiful words to send them on their way. I’m sure they will think back to them many times over the course of their life together. As the years pass, words from my own wedding day continue to reveal their true meaning. Such a gift.

    1. Oh, I love reading this, Allison. Thank you so much for sharing how the words from your ceremony have stayed with and continued to inspire you.

      I’ve often wondered what my clients will remember from the day and the time we spend working together.

      I honestly remember very little in terms of the actual words from my John’s and my ceremony 12 years ago, but I *really* remember the energy, the relaxed feel and how happy and at ease I felt that day.

      (Ahhhh….just thinking about it now makes me happy.)

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